Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An Easter Story Part 2

Hey, everyone. Vivienne here again with part two of our Easter report from Pleasant Valley. 

Saige and I went to lunch with our families. Jenna went back to her house across the street. We could hardly wait to get back home to see what the Easter Bunny had left for us.

"Holy crabs!" I yelled. "Can you believe this?"

Saige and I were in total awe. So much new stuff for us!

"I got a new pony!" Saige showed me the newest addition to her My Little Pony collection.

"It looks like I got a book about Rarity." I looked inside my basket. "She is so best pony."

"And a new Lalaloopsy!" I was super excited about that one. She's even my favorite color, which happens to be pink.

Pretty cool, huh?

"I got a book about Rainbow Dash, speaking of best pony." Saige grinned at me. We always debate about which pony is the best.

"And I got another Lalaloopsy doll. This one is dressed for spring!" I held it up to show Saige.

"But why is there a third Easter basket?" Saige asked.

"It's not for Jenna," I said. "She texted me while we were at lunch and said her basket was waiting for her when she got home."

"Then..." A familiar voice said, "it must be for me."


It was my cousin Violet from New Orleans!

"That's right!" Violet smiled. "Meatloaf and I have come to stay with you for a while."

I could hardly believe it. 

"Look, I brought you something," Violet said. It was an American Girl doll.

"Samantha!" I put the new doll and her book on the table where we could all three admire her. "I've wanted her for so long. I can't believe you got me such a perfect gift."

"It's a cousin thing," Violet said. Somehow, I knew exactly what she meant.

"Having you here makes this day perfect," I told Violet. 

"The three of us are going to have so much fun together." I looked from Violet to Saige.

A Samantha doll of my very own, my best friend, and my special cousin...I think this was the best Easter ever.



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